Repair and Technical Assistance,

with priority for the products we sell from our represented companies, but also from other manufacturers and suppliers. Our technical service is characterized by providing a professional and reliable after-sales service, always focusing on guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Consulting, specification and selection of technologies,

according to the quality required by the customer for each application, as well as the associated after-sales services such as start-up, calibration, maintenance and technical service, which they require for their correct operation in the long term.

Training courses,

of the different instrument and analyzer technologies, oriented to engineers and technicians to be able to specify the most suitable technologies for their applications.

Calibration, configuration and repair,

of measuring and control instruments, process and combustion gas analyzers, dynamic and static weighing systems, and fixed and portable gas detectors, as well as their certified calibration traceable to international standards.

Technical training,

in the field to the users and maintenance personnel of all the equipment provided.