Fixed Gas Detector GTQ-WD6200



GTQ-WD6200 fixed gas detector is designed for industrial use. By adopting high-performance gas sensor and MCU technology, combined with sophisticated SMT manufacturing process, this detector has good repeatability, high accuracy and lang lifespan.

High measurement accuracy, stable performance and lang service life
• 4-20mA analog signal output, RS485-RTU digital upload
• HART output, support Hart handheld communicator for settings
• 3 relay outputs for 1 st alarm, 2nd alarm and fault
• High-performance LCD screen display
• Non-contact operation by magnetic bar/ infrared remote control
• Smart sensor module, free of calibration, easy to maintenance
• Bluetooth communication
• Remote upgrade function (optional)

The detector is widely used in oil refineries and chemical plants in the
petroleum and petrochemical industries, as weil as industries where
flammable gases may cause explosions such as metallurgy, electric
power, gas, catering, and aquaculture.


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